See how 316L stainless and Hastelloy C276 compare in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Stainless steel 316L is good in corrosive environments but halogens corrode it quickly due to the complexation in the passivation layer.

You could see the black layer just after 30 minutes in acid. Nickel-based Hastelloy C 276 is much more stable – not a trace of damage. Hastelloy C-276 SABRe Systems are now available. What does this mean for you? Superior chemical compatibility, opening up a wider scope of chemistries in continuous flow! Have a particularly corrosive or halide dependent process you want to carry out in flow?

Contact us to discuss feasibility and arrange a trial.

Would you benefit from the flow?

Best in class mixing performance.

See our product range and the SABRe – the reactor that can do most batch processes in flow with exceptional heat and mass transfer and lightning-fast mixing.

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ChemUK 2021

ChemUK 2021

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