Scalable Agitated Baffle Reactor

Combines the benefits of batch and flow:

Flexibility of batch. SABRe is multipurpose, and scalable. All the batch engineering and applies.

Performance of flow. SABRe heat and mass transfer is close to that of tubular and chip reactors.


Result: higher product quality, less faster development, higher throughput.

Benefits in brief

Series of many stirred tanks without leaky connections for:

  • Rapid adoption & process development
  • Multipurpose – convert any batch to flow
  • Simplified reaction cascades
  • Opens new chemistry routes
  • Precision & Control

  • Reliability and cleanliness

    Flow reactor gas-liquid bubbles

    Modular design for many applications

    Designed to work as a drop in replacement for jacketed batch reactors, SABRe is compatible with major pumps, chillers, heaters and overhead stirrers.

    Meaning you don’t have to invest in a new suite of equipment to explore continuous manufacture.


    Primary Wetted Material

    316 Stainless or C276 Hastelloy

    Glass or Quartz

    Secondary Wetted Material



    Reactor Volume

    Lab: 15 – 100 mL

    Pilot: 1.5 – 10 L

    Production: 15 – 100 L


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