Our Mission is higher productivity of chemical manufacture with lower environmental impact

We design and manufacture continuous flow processes that dramatically cut the manufacturing cost of fine and speciality chemicals such as fragrances, food supplements, cosmetics and intermediates for pharmaceuticals.

We share expertise from our multidisciplinary team and provide services in process and catalyst development, catalyst coatings, characterisation, and proof-of-concept projects.

Expertise & Excellence

Established in 2016 as a Warwick University spinout, we capitalise on our extensive expertise and experience in heterogeneous catalysis, characterisation, and process development and analytics.

Our excellence has been recognised by receiving numerous awards and highly competitive grants over the last few years. These include a £500k Innovate UK grant and a €1.2M Horizon 2020 SME Instrument grant, participation in the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies competition and the award of a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship.

Our Technical Team

We believe the passion and dedication of our multidisciplinary technical team delivers quality service on the project. We take your project from proof-of-concept through to full production.

Interested in a career with Stoli Catalysts?

We are a growing company and always on the look-out for talented individuals to join our team. Please see our careers page and LinkedIn page for updates.


Stoli’s green chemistry and process engineering innovations can halve the production costs in chemical transformations, while consuming less energy and generating less waste. We help customers to increase productivity and efficiency and to enable the rapid identification and development of new products that were previously unviable. Through process efficiency, we also help customers reduce their environmental impacts and carbon footprint of chemical production.

Our process engineering team designs and builds scalable modular systems for chemical factories of the future – flexible, fast, more productive, all the while consuming less raw materials and energy.

We develop innovative processes and products that improve productivity of chemicals manufacture. Most of our projects follow three stages:

1. Proof of concept performed at Stoli in 1-4 months
2. Piloting carried out in collaboration with the customer and Stoli taking 3-8 months
3. Scale-up and deployment by the customer with Stoli support in 4-12 months