Internationally recognised excellence in process chemistry

We develop the best-in-class multipurpose continuous reactors from laboratory to production scale. Cleanliness and precise control for faster, cheaper, and safer chemistry.

We offer services in heterogeneous catalysis, catalyst coating, characterisation, and process development.

ChemUK 2021

ChemUK 2021

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15-16 September 2021.
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Expertise & Excellence

Established in 2016 as a Warwick University spinout, we capitalise on our extensive expertise in heterogeneous catalysis and continuous process chemistry.

Our excellence has been recognised by receiving numerous awards and highly competitive grants such as a £500k Innovate UK grant, participation in the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies competition and the award of a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, KTN accelerator, and a €1.2M Horizon 2020 SME Instrument grant #848926 to provide sustainable manufacturing of chemicals at a lower manufacturing costs.

International Customer Base

Over the last years, we worked for multiple customers including several major pharma and fine chemicals companies, petrochemical, aerospace, and research organisation.

The logos show only a small fraction of customers because most of the work is performed under the strictest confidentiality.

NEW! Scalable Agitated Baffle Reactor (SABRe) 

Continuous flow reactor fluorescence

Benefits in brief

Our reactor improves and simplifies a series of stirred tanks providing all the benefits without their complexities. You already know about batch hydrodynamics – these all apply to our reactor.

Many impellers in small chambers maximise heat & mass transfer for excellent reaction control, high yield, simple reaction cascades and expanded chemistries (exothermic, labile, explosive). The reactor is configurable in minutes for various impellers or reactions. You save on materials, overheads, and labour.

Batch reactors limit your chemistry scope and yield
Slow heat & mass transfer requires cryogenics, limits throughput, and creates impurities
Discontinuous processes result in large inventories, labour and overhead costs
Yet, batch is simple and versatile

Our reactor combines benefits of both flow and batch

Batch reactor mixing pattern under fluorescent light